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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Her Boy  She had seen many seasons’ come and go. The parameters of her world had shifted slightly: in some spots she had grown wider and in other spots let’s just say things weren’t as they once were. Over in the play area the shiny swings of yesteryears had given way first to a jingle-jim, and then to numerous play-apparatuses. Her boy first came there when he was a young curly haired… Read More

A Warm Spring Morning At Walt Disney World Be sure to look for the hot air ballons Awesome way to start the day

A Young Girl’s Crush H.R. Pufnstuf   (Jack Wild)  A few weeks ago as I was cursing down the movie aisle at my local Target I stopped dead in my tracks. I could not believe my eyes or my heart. There it was on the bottom shelve a memory long forgotten. On the front of a very colorful DVD box was a young girl’s crush, the very cute Jack Wild. Oh for… Read More

Making new friendsThe love of a small child will withstand time.

Christmas, Michigan  Family Photo:Not Today Mom We have all had that day where we are just trying to get the one shot of the kids all together. This was one of my days like that and it just wasn’t happening. We were up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsular in the small town of Christmas.  As you can tell it’s the mid-80’s by the Jacket on Chris “Members Only”.  And take a look at… Read More