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Monthly Archives: June 2011

A new begining. A new grandson Christian Nelson June 27th, 2011 8:21 a.m. 7lb 4ozs. Welcome Christian He is a “Mondays Child”  “Mondays Child is fair of face” It was a sunny warm summer morning

Men on a Mission! Which way did that Darn Ferret GO? We have to find that Ferret!!! (That ferret is funny. John and Fran have several and sometimes they hide or take off. Then they both panic (John& Fran) and the search is on. John & Fran live in Michigan’s Upper Penninsular so you don’t want to loose your ferret there!)

Meet The Four Basic Temperaments  More than 400 years before Christ, Hippocrates, the brilliant Greek physician and philosopher, propounded the theory that there are basically four types of temperament. He erroneously thought that four temperament types were the result of the four body liquids that predominated in the human body: “blood”; “choler” or “yellow bile”; “melancholy”or “black bile”; and “phlegm.”  Hippocrates gave names to the temperaments that were suggested by the liquids… Read More

Wednesday’s Window Adoption Day Life somethimes is about the moments that change us. This photo is from the day I went from being Joshua and Jeremy’s Grandmother to being their Mom. A truly blessed day but at the same time it was a little sad. I never would have believed I would be a single mom at the age of 50. I do feel lucky to have Joshua and Jeremy and that… Read More

100 Things About Me I love the movie Field of Dreams I love to eat a cold hot dog out of the package when I first bring them home I love B&W photos I love my Grandsons I love God I love to grow lavender I pick pizza up to eat it no knife and fork I was born during a wicked November snowstorm just south of Paradise, MI I am the… Read More