100 Things About ME

100 Things About Me

  1. I love the movie Field of Dreams
  2. I love to eat a cold hot dog out of the package when I first bring them home
  3. I love B&W photos
  4. I love my Grandsons
  5. I love God
  6. I love to grow lavender
  7. I pick pizza up to eat it no knife and fork
  8. I was born during a wicked November snowstorm just south of Paradise, MI
  9. I am the oldest child

10. I love the dawn

11. I love to watch the sunset on Lake Michigan

12. I love to take photos of old falling down building

13. I misplace my phone a lot

14. I don’t like Bluetooth headsets

15. I have to have the bedroom dark at night when I sleep, no alarm clock light

16. I love a drive thru the county

17. I love a convertible

18. I love the dream cruise (the whole week)

19.  I love the state of Michigan

20. I dislike the snow

21. I love Florida weather

22. I like to try to write for my blog

23. Twitter is awesome

24. Spiders freak me out

25. I don’t like it when birds get to close to me again it freaks me out

26. I procrastinate

27. I can’t have roses in my home I have allergies

28. Sometimes I laugh so had I can’t talk

29. I love the movie Under the Tuscan Sun

30. I support Tibet

31.  I love to deep

32. I cry at night when I am by my self

33. I like to eat marshmallow crème out of the jar

34. I don’t buy my favorite foods because I would eat them all

35. I can eat a ½ tray of apple crisp by myself

36. I love BACON

37. Pooh is my favorite character

38. I named my son after Christopher Robin because I could not name him Pooh

39. I drink tea all day

40. I once had a dog named nothing because I could not come up with a name

41. My favorite dog was Brandy

42. My favorite cat was Totem

43. My favorite day of the year is the shortest “day “ of the year

44. I once dated a politician (it was awesome fun)

45. I have seen the Dali Lama in Central Park and in Toronto

46. I attended the Oprah show in Chicago

47. I seen Oprah at the Fox Theater in Detroit

48. I attended a luncheon with Margaret Thacker in Warren

49. I seen Maya Angelo in Warren twice

50. I seen Stephen Tyler in church (he and Marianna Williamson are friends)

51. I believe in a God who wants me to be truly happy!!!

52. I want to be an author of an awesome novel

53. I want to leave a legacy

54. I want to pass out book to kids

55. I will go to Italy one day

56. I will walk where Jesus walked one day

57. Special needs children & adults bring joy to my soul and a tear (of happiness) to my eye

58. I use to make all my children’s awesome Halloween costumes

59. I love men with blonde hair and blue eye (I just melt)

60. It’s sexy when men wink at women

61. I think all men should open doors for women

62. I hate the B word it 1 of 2 worst names to call a woman

63. I hate the C word it’s #2 worst name to call a woman

64. I l like to eat in bed and watch TV

65. I love to listen to music sometimes turned up really really loud

66. Olives are sexy

67. I will buy an estate before I die

68. My favorite singer is Wynonna Judd

69. I love to listen to Elton John and Michael Jackson

70. Tracy Lawrence can send shivers up my spine

71. My favorite time in my childhood was that summer in California with Betty and Roger. We had so much fun!

72. One Christmas I didn’t get any gifts

73. Christmas when I was a child was not a happy time, but I love it now

74. I use to have a damit file on my computer to put stuff I downloaded in because once I downloaded it “damit” I could never find it!

75. My favorite book from childhood was “Jessie and the Magnifying Glass”

76. Funniest moments in life when old lady grump got stuck in the cot at camp in East Jordan. (Really we were all sleeping in the church basement) Funny

77. Next funnies once I rolled over on the sofa bed and got stuck

78. I use to get the twins to try to but my legs behind my head. Can you see it one of them on each side of me trying to get my leg back there. We laughed a lot

79. If I could do my life over I would keep the people just have a do over

80. I love to give things to the people I love if I try something and I like it I give it

81. I didn’t like Kindergarten

82. I enjoyed college

83. I don’t like to buy shoes

84. I love to shop

85. I don’t like to cook so much anymore

86. It’s ok to eat pizza for breakfast

87. It’s ok to have breakfast for dinner sometimes

88. I call it pop not soda

89. If I am going downtown it’s means downtown Detroit

90. Rings make up fingers look fat or maybe I have fat fingers

91. I love a nice bracelet

92. My hair uses to be black now it is blonde

93. I enjoy a good debate with someone

94. My biggest fault I think u know what I know

95. I don’t lie

96. I have a sense of humor

97. I don’t like to fight with my significant other

98. I don’t like to go to bed mad (talk about bad karma)

99. I want YOU to be happy


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