Simple Sunday Snapshots of Our Life


I have had this poem since I was a teenager, and I have always enjoyed it.  I found it in tucked away with a few other pieces of the past. 

My life has changed so much over the years, but my wish for my friends and family has always been but same. I hope you enjoy the poem and share it with someone you love.

Be blessed and give thanks for everything.

We have met,

Strangers among strangers

Searching for meaning

Through people and experiences

Loneliness had been our companion

Like a suitcase of past adventures

Carried with us

Providing some security.

Our adventure provided warmth,

An added dimension to our lives.

We gave to each other

Even though it wasn’t expected.

Between passing days

And fleeting romances

Our friendship has grown,

Never defined by words.

Because of the way you are

I have wanted to give you a gift.

Perfume would have been nice

But its fragrance is always fleeting.

Flowers would have added warmth

For moments, but nothing tangible

Can last forever.

Nothing I have to give

Would represent my

True feelings for you.

Finally one day, clustered

Among the colorful aspens

And the sounds of a rushing brook

I discovered my gift for you.

All that I can give you is time

Time to grow…

                         To share…

                                          To love…

                                                  As only you can do.

My demands of you are simple.

Blossom, my friend, into the

Beautiful flower I see inside.

Share your warmth, as you love.

Spread your happiness as you give,

And remember me as I pass through

Your mind Like gentle waves

on the drifting sand.

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