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Christmas, Two Babies, and a Piggy

 Christmas 2004 would bring the o so cute 14 week old Jeremy his first Christmas gifts. It was of course his first Christmas, but since he was so young he would never remember any of it. 

A few weeks before Christmas I found this cute little pink pig that sang the song this little piggy goes to market. The piggy’s toes light up and wiggle as it sang the song. It was just the cutest thing. Since it sang and did all the other stuff I was sure it would get Jeremy’s attention, even at his young age. I was right!

He loved that little piggy from the first time he seen it in motion. So began his love for piggy’s and the color pink.

That little piggy was his first friend, but Jeremy being a growing boy began to discover the world of Hot Wheel cars. Soon piggy was just another stuffed animal in the forgotten toy pile.

Every once in a while Jeremy would see her in the pile pull her out and you could hear “this little piggy went to market” coming from the bedroom. A laugh and a small thump as piggy feel to the floor and Jeremy was off on another auto race. 

The toddler became a preschooler, then a kindergartener, first grade, then this year a seconder grader. The pig hadn’t been seen in years by Jeremy. Piggy was just a long ago memory that the boy never spoke of.

With a move pending all the toys had been stuffed in boxes. Some toys were used to hold fragile items in place. That was what had happen to Piggy; she was packed in a box protecting a photo frame. Inside that photo frame with a picture of Jeremy and Piggy from his first Christmas. The packing continued and the moving began.

Then finally one day a few months later the tape was cut, the box opened and there was piggy. Seeing piggy I was sure my youngest grandson would just love to see her do the song. I took piggy down to show the baby. Piggy began to tell her story, light up and wiggly her toes as only she could do. Suddenly standing there was a unhappy Jeremy he looked at Piggy seating next to the baby looked at me and said “Hay that’s mine!”

That day in that moment Jeremy did remember all the way to his infant/toddler days when his first best friend was a little pink pig! Jeremy did agree to let the baby play with his piggy, but he retained ownership. 

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