Poached Partridge Vintage Recipe

I found some interesting vintage recipes in an old cookbook I have. It’s always fun just to read thru them. So enjoy it and let me know if you make it.


Poached Partridge

Perdeau Poche

 Take a partridge, pluck it, dress is, stuff the inside with Foie Gras, either of goose or duck, and a truffle cut into large pieces-if you have neither, use a truffled pig’s trotter(anyone know what a pig’s trotter is).  Salt and pepper heavily with ordinary pepper, and scatter a few peppercorns or white aromatic pepper here and there.

 Sew up the belly; wrap the partridge in a paper-thin slice of lard; tie it up, or better still, swaddle it in a piece of muslin, taking good care to leave a string by which to hang it up.

 This done, put some water and peppercorns into a pot (it’s going to have to be a really BIG pot) without a lid, bring it to a brisk boil, then drop in the partridge, which will make the water stop boiling, and leave it hanging in the water by its string attached to a rod placed across the pot.

 When the water begins to boil again, count twenty to twenty-five minutes for the bird to be cooked.

 Unswaddle the partidge and serve it as it is; the flesh should just be done, should be rare, and from the inside of the carcass a delicate aroma of foie gras and truffles should emerge.

 This recipe can also be used for pheasant which must have at least an hour’s cooking.

 Source: The Art of Cuisine

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