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Pirate Valentine Awesomeness


We were trying to find a pirate valentine to make for Valentine’s Day. So we found one on a blog and used that design for our diy ones. They were so awesome we wanted to share them with you.

IMG_4134 - Version 8

We used them for two different kiddos one is 4 and goes to a Christian pre-school so we had to keep it cute. The other kiddo is 7 and he made a great pirate face as you can see.

IMG_4144 - Version 8

We did not order them we made them. We used 3 different cardstocks (red , valentine print, and black) to make the base. We went with a valentine’s pattern to keep it a little more like Valentine’s Day and a little bit more Christian pre-school friendly.


We have a Disney Jack Sparrow headpiece so each of the boys put it on and we took pictures. We then cropped the photos as needed and we printed them on the best print setting for plain paper. The photos came out great we were able to fit 8 photos on a sheet of standard paper at a size of 2” x 3”. We rounded the edges as we cut them but that is entirely up to you and what kind of look you like.


For the Skull and Crossbones we used our trusty Cricut to cut them out. We just love that machine it’s saves us so much time.

IMG_4186 IMG_4187

Then we just assembled the cards. First we did all the bases of the cards then we went back and put on the photo, skull and crossbones, and added a couple of stickers. Last we did the lettering and had the 7-year-old sign his name, the ones for the 4 year old we did not sign.

IMG_4155 525569_532070970159139_1629639071_n

Next we did the bags. In the bottom we put a bit of red shredded paper. Now it was time to put in the goodies. Each bag received 1 small bag of pirate booty ( ½ oz bags we purchased at Costco), 2 or 3 gold coins, a kiss, and in the bags for the 4 year old we included silly putty. Then some red tissue for a topper and we tied the bags shut with red ribbon attached to the Valentine’s card.

48075_532071173492452_1565576004_n IMG_4192

The boys loved them, the teachers loved them, and we loved them.  The 4 year old didn’t even have to pass them out everyone gathered round him. Have Fun and thanks for stopping bye.


Shopping list:

3 different kinds of card stock

Cricut (Skull N Crossbones)

Pirate Booty

Gold Coins and any other candy you want to put in

Red tissue


Clear Bags


Printed photos of person dressed as pirate

Red Basket Shred (optional we but in bottom of bags)

Heart Stickers (optional We liked them because it added a Valentine’s Day element)

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