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Daily Archives: February 20, 2014

Goodbye & Heaven After several days of cohabiting because of medical problems, and the Polar Vortex it was time for my daughter and her children to return to their own home. Kenny, the Rockstar kindergartner who is 5 going on 22 and I were having a dramatic goodbye conversation.  I told him, well I guess I will see you in several years.  He sadlly says how long? Me, maybe 10 years, you… Read More

    This winter is just relentless, it’s won’t loosen it’s grip on southeast Michigan. So I decided I should share a vintage recipe to warm your inners, just in case your cold too.  Fricassee of Wild Rabbit Lapin De Garenne En Gibelotte      Skin and draw wild rabbit, freshly killed; cut it in pieces, taking care to join the bones without breaking them. In a deep round pot with butter,… Read More