Paczki Day, Fat Tuesday



 Here in Detroit Paczki Day is party day for your mouth.  People stand in long lines to get there hands on this traditional Polish delight. Sweet dough balls fried to perfection, then filled with your favorite filling. How days you can get them with everything from apple to pineapple. My favorite is raspberry, followed by blueberry, and lemon.

 Fat Tuesday is always the day before Ash Wednesday. Don’t worry you don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy paczki, on Fat Tuesday every one is Polish.  

 The tradition of blessing us all with paczki began with the need to clear your pantry of butter, lard, eggs, and fruit which would not be used because of observing Lent. So walla  Paczki.

 So we hope you are able to get your hands on some these amazing treats to enjoy with us.

 Average calories 400 with 25 grams of fat



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