Wednesday’s Window : Mother Natures Michigan Mayham

This week we broke the record for the most snowfall every in recored history. The old record was from the 1880’s. So we had a recorded total snowfall of 94.8 inches here in South East Michigan. That’s a lot of snow for people who 2 years ago didn’t even have to shovel.  The old record was 93.6 inches set in the winter of 1880/1881.

It was a long, long, extremely cold, and snowy journey. I have never seen so many cold days with subzero temps, and wind chills below zero. Schools all over our region closed time and again because of the extreme cold temps, and snow. We actually used up all of our snow days! I am not a big fan of the cold so it was a bit of hell on earth. 

Spring now seems to be having to arm wrestle winter to get the nastyness to leave. Saturday we went to the zoo it was beautiful and the temp soared to 79 degrees. Monday night we had 3 inches of snow and had to get the winter coats back out.

We shattered so many records it is amazing. Here are a few:

The Most Snow Ever Recorded In South East Michigan (Metro Detroit)

The Most Days With Out Sunshine

The Most Days With More Than An Inches Of Snow On The Ground

The Most Days Below 33 degrees

That’s a few of the records we broke this winter.  

Records were broken all over our state from Marquette to Monroe. I would show you more but it’s just to chilling!

Here is a photo review of our last week:

 So now that I have survived the winter 0f 2013-14, I am off to have a t-shirt made so the world knows. Get them while their hot, ha ha.

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