Easter Legend Of The Donkey’s Cross

Easter Legend Of The Donkey’s Cross


The legend of the donkey’s cross begins in the Bible. In Mark 11, Jesus sends two of his disciples to retrieve the small donkey no one had faith in.

The farmer did not believe the runty donkey was capable of earning his keep. When the farmer informed his children that he was going to have to kill the little donkey. His children begged him to sell the donkey, but the farmer would not hear of it. He told them the donkey was worth noting to anyone.

The children were heartbroken and so very sad for the frail little donkey. The children went to their father and asked him “Father please take the donkey and tie him to the tree and see if someone will take him for free. “ seeing his children weep for the small animal was more than the father could bear, he agreed.

Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem, and sent two of his disciples to go and retrieve the small donkey. The farmer did not think that anyone would take the animal, he was surprised when he seen two men approaching him.

The farmer told the men he was sure the donkey would be of little use to Jesus. The disciples assured the farmer that Jesus wanted his small animal. The farmer was worried that Jesus would be disappointed with the donkey, but he handed it over to the disciples anyway.

Jesus placed his hands on the petite animal, and in that moment the donkey knew he could anything Jesus asked of him.

The donkey was so proud to carry Jesus into Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday. He was devoted to his new master and followed him to Calvary. He could not bear to see his master hanging on the cross so the animal turned his back to the cross. The shadow of the cross fell across donkeys back and it been there ever since.

And that’s the legend of how the donkey got it’s cross.

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