Monday Monday : Easter Monday

Hi, I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend. We had the best weather on an Easter Sunday that I can remember here in Metro Detroit. It was just like that song ‘Sunny and 75’.

I remember when we observed Easter Monday as a nation, it’s sad that now we send our children to school on this day. I can tell you in many countries it is still observed as a national holiday.

So I wanted to share a few facts about Easter Monday with you.

Did you know that hand-painted eggs (kraslice) are the most recognizable symbol of Easter in Czech. These eggs are so beautifully decorated. In the past it was a tradition for girls to decorate the eggs and give to boys on the Monday after Easter.

Eggs are an Easter symbol that represent the resurrection and new life.

handpainted egg


One of the most visible traditions here in the United States is the Annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn.


Other cultures call it Wet Monday with a strange tradition of waking up one’s spouse or siblings with a bucket of water. In other  Australia and Canada it is a day to celebrate the outdoors.

In Ireland the day is called Easter Egg Bundle or the Day of Feats. 

A somewhat strange Easter Monday tradition in England calls for hauling one’s spouse out of bed. Hum could be a bit dangerous. 

The first Easter Mondays came from the medieval festival of Hocktide, which originated in the 11th century. 

Here at my home we will continue the Easter celebration when the kiddos come home from school with outdoor time, an Easter Monday Dinner, and yes more candy. 

How ever you celebrate thanks for remembering the day.



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