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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Abraham Lincoln was one of our most interesting President. A man who came from a humble background and rose to the highest office in our land. I found this video on youTube that provides a quick and interesting look at the man.  ‘Abraham Lincoln, A Voice for the Ages’

Hump Day! I Can See The Weekend, Maybe I Will: How are you going to spend yours?    

Hi, I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend. We had the best weather on an Easter Sunday that I can remember here in Metro Detroit. It was just like that song ‘Sunny and 75’. I remember when we observed Easter Monday as a nation, it’s sad that now we send our children to school on this day. I can tell you in many countries it is still observed as a national… Read More

Fun Day: Saturday We Baptized The Eggs, and Stared At That Cute Little Bunny Face.  Sunday We Had Fun With The Baskets Everyone Got. And Then we had a little more fun.  

Easter Legend Of The Donkey’s Cross The legend of the donkey’s cross begins in the Bible. In Mark 11, Jesus sends two of his disciples to retrieve the small donkey no one had faith in. The farmer did not believe the runty donkey was capable of earning his keep. When the farmer informed his children that he was going to have to kill the little donkey. His children begged him to sell… Read More