Throwback Thursday Grand Rapids Michigan A Perfect Moment In Time

Throw Back Thursday

A year ago today (11/14/13) I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We stopped at the Gerald Ford Presidential Library; sadly it was already closed for the day. There were workers putting light on the tree’s outside the library in preparation for the coming Christmas season. One of the guys told us we should stick around for a little bit because there were going to test the lights to ensure everything was perfect for the upcoming tree lighting ceremony. Since it was a warm November evening and we weren’t in any hurry we decided to stick around to see the tree light.

About 10 minutes later the magic of the season begin at The Gerald Ford Presidential Library. The Library twinkled with presidential beauty. We snapped some photos of the scene, and all few dark again. The trees were now to remain dark until the official tree lighting ceremony, which was scheduled for later in November. It was a beautiful moment that evening in Grand Rapids, with a beautiful sunset to end the day.

The next day we drove up to Mackinaw via The Tunnel of Trees. This is an amazing drive along the lake. If you have never done it and you enjoy the back road this is a must. It was raining so I didn’t get photos.

We topped off the staycation in Mackinaw City, and Mackinaw Island. A perfect few days along lives journey.

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