Getting Knighted at The Michigan Renaissance Festival

We had an awesome adventure at the 2019 Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly. This is a great family event with lots of stage acts and activities for everyone. The food was tasty and reasonably prices. You could even spent the whole day just people watching so many amazing costumes. Some were stunning while others will give children nightmares (this happened at our house).

As a special needs family I would recommend this event; but you should have a handicap sticker or arrive early because the walk can be long if you have to park at the back of the field! The people are friendly and there is plenty of spots to cool off under a shade tree. If you have a child who is sensitive to noise I would bring along headphones. You are also allowed to bring in one bottle of sealed water per person which is really nice.

The many stage actors luv to interact with all the people after each performance (this is how they get there tips but you don’t have to tip them to interact with them).

J.W and K.W. loved getting knighted after the jousting.


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