I just love this song by Luke Bryan ‘Roller Coaster’

Hi, can you believe we are already leave deep into what is the most coziest season of all. ┬áThat’s right it Fall; one of my favorite seasons of the year. My family just love the epic colors of the leaves changing, soon to be followed by an amazing wild wind dance that only Mother Nature can choreograph. So lets check out this time of year on the web.

Amazing Autumn

Amazing Autumn

So by birth I am a ‘Yooper’ if you don’t know what that is, it is someone who is born or lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsular. I remember how quickly fall comes to the UP, it’s glory can be brief if the gales began to pick up.

Gales on Lake Superior s

Gales on Lake Superior


Fall at the orchard is always a fun family event. Here in southeast Michigan we are home to Blakes Apple Orchard and Cider Mill; this amazing spot is also a favorite of county music singer Leanna Rimes.



So what special thing do you do to celebrate the season?

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This is an amazing rendition of “Georgia On My Mind”. I hope you are day dreaming about Georgia because I am.

Hello, hello. I hope you are having a great week and I luv it when you stop by here. This is a quick 4 minute video about love, and how to love. I believe nothing makes you feel better than a moment of love. Love is all around us, if we just take time to look and send out a little of it.

Enjoy the video, and love and peace to you.

Awesome Ted Talk by Adora Svitak on why adults should listen to kids like her.