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She is the cutest baby Tinkerbell ever! Who need pixy dust when you have beautiful Granddaughter kisses. 

Are You Sure? So that’s what a cousin looks like!  

A New Begining. A New Granddaughter Faith Kathryn January 16th, 2014 12:36 a.m. 5lb 9ozs Welcome Faith She is a “Thursday Child”  “Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go” It was a cold, mid-winter night

Christmas, Two Babies, and a Piggy  Christmas 2004 would bring the o so cute 14 week old Jeremy his first Christmas gifts. It was of course his first Christmas, but since he was so young he would never remember any of it.  A few weeks before Christmas I found this cute little pink pig that sang the song this little piggy goes to market. The piggy’s toes light up and wiggle as… Read More