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Chocolate Smoothie that’s so much lower in calories than most. I love smoothies, but to make them right you need to have a great blender. As you can see in the video Rocco is using a Vitamix. Yes a Vitamix is more experience than one you will find at most local stores, but it’s worth it. It will last for many years to come and the jar won’t break from the ice…. Read More

This has been my favorite fudge recipe since I was young. It’s super easy and taste yummy. Have you every eaten the fudge when it was still hot and liquid? You are going to want to drink this like it was Heavenly Hot Chocolate.  Never-Fail Fudge ¼ cup milk 1 stick butter Few grains of salt 1 tbsp. vanilla 1 box confectioners sugar ½ cocoa 1 cup nutmeat (optional) I don’t put… Read More