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Who doesn’t love the bright green and red of a holly branch? What a wonderful addition to holiday decorating. But what does it mean and how does it relate back to Christmas? Legend of the Holly. The bright red and green of holly make it a natural symbol of rebirth. There are several legends regarding holly. According to one of these legends, holly branches were woven into Christ’s crown of thorns. Therefore, the… Read More

A Bit of Beauty From Christmas Past

Christmas, Two Babies, and a Piggy  Christmas 2004 would bring the o so cute 14 week old Jeremy his first Christmas gifts. It was of course his first Christmas, but since he was so young he would never remember any of it.  A few weeks before Christmas I found this cute little pink pig that sang the song this little piggy goes to market. The piggy’s toes light up and wiggle as… Read More

Christmas, Michigan  Family Photo:Not Today Mom We have all had that day where we are just trying to get the one shot of the kids all together. This was one of my days like that and it just wasn’t happening. We were up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsular in the small town of Christmas.  As you can tell it’s the mid-80’s by the Jacket on Chris “Members Only”.  And take a look at… Read More