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A friend of mine Cheryl LaFave posted this video on Facebook. It is an Easter version of “Hallelujah”, it is amazing and perfect for Good Friday. I hope you enjoy it and please share this touching song.  

The Legend Of The Shamrock Why is the shamrock such a vital part of St. Patrick’s Day?  The legend of the shamrock dates back to the time of St. Patrick. St. Patrick was drawn to the shamrock because it’s leafs formed a triad. It is said that St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach the pagans about the Holy Trinity.  Each leaf on the shamrock represented one part of the Trinity.  The… Read More

Goodbye & Heaven After several days of cohabiting because of medical problems, and the Polar Vortex it was time for my daughter and her children to return to their own home. Kenny, the Rockstar kindergartner who is 5 going on 22 and I were having a dramatic goodbye conversation.  I told him, well I guess I will see you in several years.  He sadlly says how long? Me, maybe 10 years, you… Read More

Thursdays child has far to go. I am a Thursday child and this is my first post under this catergorie. Thursdays post will be anything I feel like posting. In other words Thursday post is all about things I like or don’t. Each week you will also find the poem from which Thursdays child was taken at the end of the post. This week I have choosen to share a passage from… Read More