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It was a fun Christmas season with the kids.       We hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Awesome Ted Talk by Adora Svitak on why adults should listen to kids like her.

This week we went on a pre-school field trips to Upland Hills Farm. Since it was a field trip for CW he is going to tell you all about.  Let me say it was a very cold morning, like 38 degrees. I am sure the trip was to be a beautiful spring trip with warm temp, but that didn’t happen. We did have a good time and by the time we were… Read More

Hi, I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend. We had the best weather on an Easter Sunday that I can remember here in Metro Detroit. It was just like that song ‘Sunny and 75’. I remember when we observed Easter Monday as a nation, it’s sad that now we send our children to school on this day. I can tell you in many countries it is still observed as a national… Read More

Fun Day: Saturday We Baptized The Eggs, and Stared At That Cute Little Bunny Face.  Sunday We Had Fun With The Baskets Everyone Got. And Then we had a little more fun.