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Hello, hello. I hope you are having a great week and I luv it when you stop by here. This is a quick 4 minute video about love, and how to love. I believe nothing makes you feel better than a moment of love. Love is all around us, if we just take time to look and send out a little of it. Enjoy the video, and love and peace to you.

Sometimes A Father’s Love Is Silent And Unspoken

Life In the Nursery Elmo Love The other night when I was putting Jeremy to bed I noticed that he had all the Elmos. I asked him why he had all three Elmos in his bed. Jeremy said his brother and cousin didn’t love them enought or take care of them so he was now taking care of all three. I tried to convince him to return them he would not buy… Read More

Making new friendsThe love of a small child will withstand time.