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Men on a Mission! Which way did that Darn Ferret GO? We have to find that Ferret!!! (That ferret is funny. John and Fran have several and sometimes they hide or take off. Then they both panic (John& Fran) and the search is on. John & Fran live in Michigan’s Upper Penninsular so you don’t want to loose your ferret there!)

Wednesday’s Window Adoption Day Life somethimes is about the moments that change us. This photo is from the day I went from being Joshua and Jeremy’s Grandmother to being their Mom. A truly blessed day but at the same time it was a little sad. I never would have believed I would be a single mom at the age of 50. I do feel lucky to have Joshua and Jeremy and that… Read More

Christmas, Michigan  Family Photo:Not Today Mom We have all had that day where we are just trying to get the one shot of the kids all together. This was one of my days like that and it just wasn’t happening. We were up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsular in the small town of Christmas.  As you can tell it’s the mid-80’s by the Jacket on Chris “Members Only”.  And take a look at… Read More

A spring view from the skywalk at The Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan The view was so beautiful this spring morning with the trees in full bloom. I just had to snap a few photos to share.

A day in God’s Country Beautiful blue skies Soft Summer sun Water as blue as the sky Diving off a cliff Paddling a boat Watching a son Enjoying a daughter A day full of memories That transcend beyond Ones lifetime A husband’s final vacation with his family.